I see my art as a journey. An inner journey about facing grief, joy and power. I want my paintings and poems to convey inspiration and let the viewer take part of it, while allowing space to personally interpret the meaning.








My art has been viewed at:


Gävle Högskola  

Agners Galleri - Gävle

Konstdraget - Gävle

Galleri Konstra - Gävle
Galleri Brynästorget - Gävle
Galleri 7 kvadrat - Gävle
Engeltofta - Gävle

Galleri Boken - Hofors


My past performances:


Stadsbiblioteket Gävle

Art Poesifestivalen - Lättings kulturhus

Poesifestivalen - Joe Hill gården
Kulturkväll - Skaparbyn
Skottes musikcafè
Hille Kyrka - Gävle



"I believe we are all unique and at the same time alike,
so my journey is your journey"